United Wags Incorporated

United Wags Incorporated

About Charity

Here at United Wags, Our mission is to deliver food, medicine, toys, and supplies to anywhere it is needed. Please remember that with Your help today, We can save lives tomorrow. We are a federally registered 501c3 charity for animal welfare. We proudly call York, Pennsylvania Our home base of operation. We recently closed a very successful wholesale business that took the last 15 years to build from the ground up. After seeing firsthand the massive amount of b-stock and returns the American consumer machine destroys every day. We knew there must be a better way. Now We do Our best to get all that wasted food, medicine, and toys into the hands of the shelters and rescues that need them desperately. Most of them are small privately run organizations. Many of which would not be able to stay in operation without the support and supplies from charities like Ours. Of course, none of this could be possible without donations from people like You.

Charity Mission

Here at United Wags, it is our mission to hand deliver food, medicine, and volunteer help to wherever it is needed the most.

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