Tommys Feral Feline Friends

Tommys Feral Feline Friends

About Charity

These forgotten feral's need shelters so my partner and I build numerous houses every year, which we stuff with hay and insulate with blue spruce tree limbs. It takes tremendous work and effort to place these homes in the woods. We also build numerous feeding cafes every year. These feeding cafes are where the food and water is placed and kept dry from inclement weather. When feeding we stay with the feral's until they are done eating so they can eat without fear of the predators. With our harsh Maine winters, these areas must be shoveled and kept dry; otherwise these animals couldn’t reach their food nor get out of their houses. We have 18 areas on the outside so when we have a blizzard we have to shovel several hundred feet to reach these feeders and cafes. One site is over a mile to shovel, in order to reach their houses and cafes . Some days we may start at 4:30 am and not finish for 24 hours.

Charity Mission

A NO-KILL Shelter for Feral Cats

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