The National Leadership Foundation

The National Leadership Foundation

About Charity

Giving through The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever (a program of The National Leadership Foundation) is the best way to give to benefit Tarrant County neighbors in need. Gifts are matched dollar for dollar, and those dollars are leveraged by each orgnization in amazing ways. Matching funds are directed to the nonprofits at a rate of 100%. Each page in the catalog, or on the website, shows where the money goes, and how it is matched. For example, for every $1000 donated, a neighbor with a long term disability such as cerebral palsy or demetia can be enrolled into a lifetime of attendant care services valued at over $26,000 a year or an estimated lifetime value of $650,000 per client! Supporting local charities can be a wonderful gift idea as well. We have a gift card program where the donor gives a set amount, and gifts that amount to a co-worker, family member, friend, neighbor, teacher, or client so that they can read all about the opportunities to give and then decide where that donation should be directed. It's the gift that puts a smile on more than one face! .

Charity Mission

The NLF dba The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever focuses on raising awareness for nonprofits in Tarrant County, Texas.

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