Sweet Binks Rescue, Inc.

Sweet Binks Rescue, Inc.

About Charity

Sweet Binks focuses on wildlife rehabilitation in northern Rhode Island. We have a special facility equipped to handle most wildlife cases and are licensed by RI DEM (state) and hold a (federal) USFWS Migratory Bird Permit. Our goal is to help offset the number of human inflicted injured/orphaned wildlife (cars, lawnmowers, outdoor cats/dogs, glue traps etc.) or assist in natural incidents (wind storms, flooding, excessive heat, etc.) Sweet Binks is a long time rescue, established in 2002 and has assisted with thousands of animals and assists hundreds of animals every year. We specialize with fawns, all bird species and skunks and assist approximately 90 species of wildlife each year. We are often building new enclosures and pride ourselves on the best possibly care for best possible outcomes and successful releases.

Charity Mission

Sweet Binks is a long time, all volunteer, animal rescue organization specializing in wildlife rehabilitation in Rhode Island.

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