Stray Animal Foundation Of India

Stray Animal Foundation Of India

About Charity

Although a historic and beautiful city, Hyderabad is not without its challenges. India’s nearly 80 million stray animals face not only a brutal climate and limited resources, but must contend with a culture that views them as pests or threats. We’re working to restore compassion to Hyderabad’s relationship with its stray animals, easing the strain on India’s overburdened shelter network through funding, organizational support, education, and more. SAFI is a 501(c)3 charitable organization founded by Ujwala Chintala in Florida, USA to fight for India’s animals. We are shelter-focussed, working to build a strong, compassionate animal welfare network in Hyderabad, India, providing shelter infrastructure, vet care, supplies, guidance, resources, education, and manpower.

Charity Mission

We help India’s animal welfare infrastructure, providing medical care, food, forever home matching, education,and much more.

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