Special Hope Network

Special Hope Network

About Charity

Studies in low income, middle income countries in Sub-Sharan Africa have shown that many parents perceive severe disability as worse than death, and ironically, some families might even view premature death as a welcome relief because of the substantial lifetime costs of supporting disabled children without any social welfare benefits, especially in rural settings. Special Hope Network has stepped in the Zambian community where the government has not. We are currently working with 325 children and their care givers in 5 Community Care Centers around Lusaka, Zambia. We believe every child with an intellectual disability has a God-given right to the following: 1. Home - A space where they are loved, nurtured, cared for and challenged. 2. Health - Resources that allow them to be cared for body, soul and mind. 3. Education - An environment where they are encouraged to grow, learn and progress to their next developmental level.

Charity Mission

Creating a world for kids with intellectual disabilities in Lusaka, Zambia.

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