SNAPkids (Special Needs Aquatic Program)

SNAPkids (Special Needs Aquatic Program)

About Charity

Since 1991, SNAP has empowered children with special needs to exercise, swim, connect with others, make friends and enjoy the gifts of childhood through a community based and accessible adapted aquatics program. SNAPkids gives children with special challenges and gifts a place for their lights to shine brightly, to be respected and included, to exercise, play and have fun! Our volunteers work one-on-one, creating unique bonds with our swimmers and developing insights and sensitivities which ultimately make our communities more accepting and inclusive. Water is the great equalizer, welcoming and forgiving, enabling the freedom of movement with joyfulness of play. The water can help children with balance, coordination, strength, fitness, focus, communication, social skills, and confidence. Many of the children in SNAP use the water as their primary source of physical activity and exercise. SNAP is a great social outlet and creates a caring and open community for the children, families, and volunteers who participate. During the COVID-19 crisis we have suspended our in-water classes and we are providing FREE online exercise classes for our special kids. Please help support our efforts to keep our kids active, healthy, and engaged.

Charity Mission

At SNAPkids, beautiful children with special needs get to swim, exercise, play, make friends, and have fun!

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