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Sentient Media

About Charity

In the last 12 months, we’ve continued to bring the truth about our food system’s impact on all sentient beings and our environment to global audiences. We’ve published over 300 articles focused on our food system and how it impacts humans, nonhuman animals, and our environment. We've served over 4.2 million dedicated readers, and our content has reached over 52 million on Google and Apple News. We've trained over 100 individuals in 12 different countries through our Social Media Fellowship, and served over 300 members in 30 different countries through our Writers' Collective. We also launched our inaugural Sentient Media Journalism Fund, funded by Timi and John Sobrato and Stray Dog Institute, in which 18 applicants who are underrepresented in animal rights and/or journalism will receive specialized training and stipends to help them complete courses and tell their stories.

Charity Mission

Sentient Media is a nonprofit journalism organization that is creating transparency around the use of animals in our daily lives.

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