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Sanctuary Hostel

About Charity

Sanctuary Hostel and Animal Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to educate people on animal welfare to reduce stray animals on the streets. We achieve our mission by combining an Animal Rescue with: *Eco-Hostel, to raise awareness of the problem and financially support the nonprofit *Community Garden, to have a shared space that can provide for the community *Education Program, to provide free classes on animal communication, training, and sustainability Our founder has purchased the plot of land and we have already received permits and preliminary architecture designs. Your donation will help us finalize the construction designs and set the date for when we can break ground to build the shelter, hostel, and garden. The Problem: Roughly 70% of Mexico’s 18 million dogs are abandoned and become strays, making it the worst country for pet abandonment in Latin America. Animals are treated more like property than pets, and they are often mistreated whether living in a home or on the street. Most attempts to rescue animals often act only as a Band-Aid, not addressing the root of this problem. Additionally, many animal rescue operations close due to a lack of long-term ongoing donations, returning animals back onto the street. Our Solution: Our goal is to tackle the stray animal problem at the source and provide a long-term solution with a self-sufficient model. We plan to do this by: 1. Encouraging/demonstrating animal compassion to young students and surrounding communities 2, Training people to better communicate with animals for a happier co-existence 3. Setting up an environmentally friendly hostel and community garden to help fund the rescue, provide positive exposure for animals and people, facilitate adoptions, and offer free educational classes.

Charity Mission

Sanctuary Hostel is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to animal welfare. Let's build a world where all creatures live in harmony.

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