Over Everything

Over Everything

About Charity

Our goal is to help push the industry towards more fair and equitable practices by supplying free music industry education for indie artists and their team, and by offering development & release support to a select group of artists. We don’t “sign” anyone, instead we partner with artists on a non-exclusive basis for their releases taking absolutely no earnings along the way. All funds go directly to the creative collaborators (artist/producers/writers). Our primary mission is to help artists create sustainable independent careers, maintaining artistic control and ownership along the way. We supply creative & artistic development, legal support, project management services, and often act as a conduit between the artist and potential partners (distributors/labels/tastemaker support/managers/bookers etc). To check out some of the projects we have released please visit overeverything.org/projects

Charity Mission

Over Everything is a non-profit record label and artist empowerment organization.

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