Opulent Philanthropy Inc.

Opulent Philanthropy Inc.

About Charity

We provide immediate assistance and long support during natural disasters when people are forced to evacuate and/or their homes are destroyed leaving them in need of shelter, food, or water. We support cancer patients who are unable to pay for medical treatments, copayments, or after care assistance that may not be covered by their insurance. We support impoverished students who qualify for a higher education but cannot afford to pay tuition through grants and scholarships. We support the homeless by providing shelter, food, and water, as more people than ever are living on the streets without the basic necessities to survive. Our staff, volunteers, and those we serve work together to provide assistance to those in need due to circumstances beyond their control to empower the most vulnerable among us and improve their quality of life.

Charity Mission

Providing support for people during natural disasters, cancer, education, and homeless.

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