Optimal Rhythms / Access Academy

Optimal Rhythms / Access Academy

About Charity

Optimal Rhythms uses our unique neurologic approach to provide a therapeutic K-12 day school, ACCESS Academy; our A2A K-12 and adult virtual education programs; and an innovative Summer "CAN-Do" Camp for student with complex communication, motor, and sensory needs. We challenge communities to #rethinkautism by providing valuable training to equip parents and professionals to best support the sensory and communication needs of nonspeaking individuals. Our Rethinking Autism Programs bring crucial training and resources to parents/caregivers, teachers, therapists, medical professionals and first responders. We help those who care for nonspeaking children and adults to recognize their true potential, provide effective supports and accommodations, and afford them the human rights we all enjoy. Individuals who gain access to our programs experience acceptance, hope-giving opportunities for a true academic education, and meaningful connections with their peers and families. Will you help us extend our reach to more deserving students and families?

Charity Mission

Committed to supporting autistic individuals to achieve their maximum potential, while building connections for a happy life

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