No Kill Colorado

No Kill Colorado

About Charity

No Kill Colorado is an 501c3 organization working to improve the Animal Shelter system in Colorado. Thousands of pets are killed each year in Colorado because of the lack of life saving programs that can be implemented without additional cost, and possibly adding revenue to the current funds provided to municipal shelters. Money doesn't save lives - people do. But money makes it a heck of a lot easier to reach people. Promoting adoption and fostering is a major program we campaign for throughout the year. We successfully have helped organizations get hundreds of animals home from our Home for the Holdiays cmapign every year. We put a bounty on pets going to foster or a permanent home. rganizations that particpate receive $50 from us for every pet 3 or more years old, or at any age with special needs. Learn more here:

Charity Mission

Promotes the use of the No Kill Equation to help shelters save every healthy, treatable homeless pet.

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