Neuro Diverse Living Inc (DBA Front Porch Co-Housing)

Neuro Diverse Living Inc (DBA Front Porch Co-Housing)

About Charity

Front Porch Co-Housing: A Neuro Inclusive Community by NDL believes the best way to deliver on our vision is by providing a sense of belonging as we create authentic and vibrant spaces that are not just houses, but homes for adults experiencing neurological disorders. Our homes are designed to bring a sense of neighborhood while providing hope and peace of mind to the families and friends who support these adults, knowing their loved ones are in a community that will empower them. We believe we can accomplish a nostalgic setting from a time when neighborhood kids played until the streetlights came on and people visited on their front porches through our co-housing model, a time when neighbors supported each other.

Charity Mission

Communities where adults with and without IDD's get the support they need.

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