National Ocean Sciences Bowl

National Ocean Sciences Bowl

About Charity

The NOSB mission is to enrich science teaching and learning across the United States through a high-profile national competition that increases high school students' knowledge of the oceans and enhances public understanding and stewardship of the oceans. Four Primary Objectives: 1. Develop knowledgeable ocean stewards that understand the ocean’s impact on daily life and the importance of scientific research; 2. Foster the use of the ocean as an interdisciplinary vehicle to teach science and mathematics and encourage the inclusion of the ocean sciences in curricula; 3. Encourage and support the involvement of under-represented and geographically diverse communities in the ocean sciences; and 4. Provide students interactive education that develops critical thinking and skills for the workforce and exposes them to ocean science professionals and career opportunities.

Charity Mission

NOSB prepares the next generation of students for careers in ocean science by providing an educational forum for students to excel in math and science.

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