Mississippi Animal Rescue League

Mississippi Animal Rescue League

About Charity

MARL is an “open admission” shelter- that means we accept every animal that comes in the door. Other shelters in the area re “limited admission”, meaning they accept a limited, finite number of animals. In our state, it is primarily left to private organizations and city animal control agencies to provide shelter and care for unwanted animals. One of our key goals is to find loving homes for all animals in our facility. As an “open admission” shelter, we take in on an average of 50-60 animals a day and many more in the spring and summer. Local “limited admission” shelters turn animals away when they are full. We work very hard to provide loving and humane treatment and good homes for each and every animal that comes through our doors. Sadly, we receive more animals than there are homes available. Being an “open admission” shelter, we face the hard reality of animal overpopulation each day.

Charity Mission

The largest full service center for prevention of cruelty to animals in Mississippi.

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