Horse SenseAbility

Horse SenseAbility

About Charity

Every child deserves the chance to experience the joy of horses regardless of their economic circumstances or special needs. Every horse deserves to live in a comfortable, clean and caring environment. Your support makes both of these possible. Horse SenseAbility gives children who are at-risk, have experienced trauma, have autism, struggle with anxiety and depression or have physical disabilities the opportunity to learn from, care for and be with horses. In return, the horses give the children total acceptance, respect, confidence and a feeling of competence. Your support of Horse SenseAbility makes all of this possible by providing high-quality care for our awesome equines and scholarships for over 50% of our participants. Make a one-time gift or join our Blue Ribbon Club by becoming a monthly donor. Horse SenseAbility is based in Sherborn, MA and is a program of Wildstar Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy, Inc.

Charity Mission

Horse SenseAbility helps youth at risk or with special needs develop life skills by learning about, caring for & being with horses

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