Family To Family Network

Family To Family Network

About Charity

Family to Family Network creates success for children with disabilities by empowering their families with information, training, referrals and support as they navigate the complex education, health care and social service systems. Family to Family Network believes that ALL children should be included and supported in our schools and community in order to ensure the future success of children with disabilities. F2FN transforms lives by helping people discover possibilities, see potential when others see barriers, and advocate for what their children need to achieve their dreams. By changing attitudes and mindsets about disabilities, our organization changes lives to make sure every individual gets to live THEIR best life. By 2031, Our Goal is to Help 25,000 Families See Possibilities in their children with disabilities! You can help us reach our goal by: 1) Supporting the development of a bilingual learning platform where families can access training at their own pace; 2) Providing intensive case management to families in underserved communities, especially our communities of color and those that are non-english speaking; 3) Updating & maintaining our bilingual website that provides accurate & consistent information on the special education process; 4) Subsidizing our annual conference for 500 family members & youth with disabilities. Through these services, families and individuals with disabilities have an opportunity to network and learn from one another. By working together, we can create communities where ALL children belong and excel! Help create success for children & youth with disabilities! OTHER INFORMATION: There are over 127,000 students with disabilities receiving special education services in the greater Houston Region 4 Education Service Center area. This does not include those receiving accommodations only through 504 plans or children who are home schooled or in private school placements. Last year, Family to Family served families with the primary disability labels of: 59% Autism Spectrum Disorder 16% Intellectual Disability 10% Other Health Impairment 7% Orthopedic Impairment 6 % Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Blind Visual Disability, Deaf Blind 2% Learning Disability The age ranges of the children in the families that we serve are: 2% Age 0-3 10% Age 3-5 22% Age 5-11 (elementary) 12% Age 12-15 (junior high/middle school) 19% Age 16 – 18 (High School) 8% Age 18+ (18+ High School) 27% Adults (Out of School) The ethnic diversity of the families served are 19% Black, 31%White, 33% Hispanic/Latinx, 15% Asian and 2% identified as Two or More. 29% Request help with the Individualized Education Program (IEP) special education process. 28% Request help finding resources in the community. 39% Needed help navigating Adult Service systems, Medicaid Managed Care or Social Security. Family to Family helps families understand their rights & responsibilities, while also aiding them in understanding the right words to use, right place to look, right person to connect with when trying to find services & supports for their children with disabilities. Education is the only FREE service available to children with disabilities. Adult services are not free, and there are over 150,000 Texans with disabilities waiting over 10 years for long term services & supports. That is why it is imperative for children with disabilities to receive the necessary supports and services at school so that they can become contributing members of our community and live meaningful lives after high school.

Charity Mission

Family To Family Network creates success for children with disabilities by empowering their families with knowledge & support.

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