Americas Scholarship Konnection Inc

Americas Scholarship Konnection Inc

About Charity

Americas Scholarship Konnection envisions a system which enables equal educational success and opportunity. With the conversation in our country about inequality, here at “ASK” we are working to make things better. We literally function to level the playing field for children starting at kindergarten to make sure that every family can send their child to the school of their choice, one student at a time. We are passionate about this, and it reflects in everything we do. ASK is moving the needle across the country with measurable results. We strive to make opportunities that facilitate social change, because we believe this is an incredibly worthy endeavor. ASK serves underprivileged families, disabled students, students that have been displaced to foster care or any American family that wants to see their child succeed in a private school. We facilitate this by providing scholarships for K-12 tuition and other school expenses thus preparing students for ongoing success in and outside of school. Please consider a generous donation to Americas Scholarship Konnection.

Charity Mission

Americas Scholarship Konnection Inc is a national 501c3 focused on equality in education. It received nonprofit status in 2016.

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