United Way of Grays Harbor

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United Way of Grays Harbor

About Charity

United Way of Grays Harbor is the trusted community leader devoted to mobilizing resources to empower individuals and improve lives. In other words, we help people. Nearly 1 in 3 people in Grays Harbor are touched by United Way programs. Our programs focus on the building blocks for a better life; basic needs, education, health, and self-sufficiency. We ensure people are safe and have enough food, shelter and clothing as they strive for a better life through programs at crisis shelters, feeding programs and disaster relief. We ensure that all children have opportunities and acquire skills to succeed in school and life by supporting programs that provide youth development, quality after-school academic support and increased graduation. We ensure people have access to resources and support for their well being through mental health, physical health and nutrition programs. We ensure families have the tools and support they need to create financial stability through job coaching and life skill programs. All resources raised in Grays Harbor, STAY in Grays Harbor.

Charity Mission

To unite people and resources to build a stronger, healthier Grays Harbor.

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