Unite To Light, Inc.

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Unite To Light, Inc.

About Charity

Unite to Light, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) entity tax-exempt organization based in California, dedicated to providing solar resources to people of the developing world. The primary products we make are a low-cost, solar powered, LED light called Luke Light, and a solar light with a USB port for charging electronic devices called the Lumen Charger. The lights are intended to replace or minimize dependence on fuels, such as kerosene, which create health and safety hazards, require significant expense, and are environmentally toxic. These devices are needed in areas without electricity or areas without reliable electrical power. The light was designed in response to a request from a professor in Ghana for a reading light for school children. It was meant to replace open flame kerosene lighting used by an estimated one billion plus people worldwide. The Charger light was developed in response to our customers that have limited access to charging their cell phones. It is a brighter light and has a USB charging port for electronics and most phones. Unite to Light has distributed over 72,000 lights to people in over 65 countries. When given to school children, we see an increase in graduation/grade pass through rates of 30%.

Charity Mission

Provide clean, safe, affordable light to people across the globe without access to electricity.

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