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Undefeated Courage

About Charity

Undefeated Courage is affiliated with Sidewalk Advocates for Life ®. Our dream is to bring the grand vision of "Love Welcomes Life" to reality. We provide the hope women need to make important life choices by providing: 1) an immediate intervention outside the abortion facility, 2) a beautiful and comfortable setting for free counseling, pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds and 3) a personal connection to a pregnancy resource center or medical facility that best fits her needs. Undefeated Courage effectively reaches out in love to women and men in crisis pregnancies who feel they have no other choice except abortion. As Sidewalk Advocates for Life, we also respectfully and prayerfully reach-out to abortion workers because we believe that every person was made for greatness and God has a plan for them. For those women and men who are affected by abortion, Undefeated Courage also offers weekend retreats through Rachel's Vineyard to provide a safe place to renew, rebuild and redeem hearts broken by abortion. Undefeated Courage serves Harrisburg, York and other surrounding counties in South-Central Pennsylvania and beyond. Additionally, we visit college campuses, houses of worship and community fairs to spread the pro-life message and offer hope to others.

Charity Mission

Undefeated Courage peacefully engages abortion-minded women and men to offer connections to life-affirming resources.

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