Tucson Atheist Community Outreach Team

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Tucson Atheist Community Outreach Team

About Charity

At the Annual Tucson Atheists Winter Solstice party in 2015 a group of us heathens were sitting around the bonfire talking about all the things we wish we could do to help our community. Many lofty ideas were brought up and maybe we'll get there someday. The seed was planted then to start this group. Now every couple we choose a different cause in the Tucson community to volunteer for and have a donation or fundraising drive for. We now have our 501c3 Non-Profit status and are working on building up our organization to expand to help secular members of Southern AZ.

Charity Mission

To facilitate the atheist/secular community in doing good works, as well as raise funds to help other organizations in their missions. Our activism and actions are informed by secular principles of humanism and social justice. We want to make our corner o

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