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About Charity

Traders have access to wealth and resources, but not everyone in this world is as fortunate. Traders4ACause believes in promoting the idea that people who achieve success should give back to the community and make a positive impact in the world. $ Inspiration Motivate and inspire traders to share their success with those less fortunate than themselves. $ Awareness Raise awareness of the causes in greatest need of support. $ Education Educate the trading community about effective giving. Traders4ACause seeks to maximizing the impact of giving by educating and promoting “smart philanthropy”. $ Charities Promote and highlight charities that Traders4ACause has researched and considers to be some of the most effective.

Charity Mission

The mission of Traders4ACause is to promote a culture of caring and altruism within the trading community. We seek to educate, motivate and inspire traders to make a difference through supporting worthy causes.

Coin Up requires a link to your credit/debit card or checking account to enable "round up" of your transactions. If you prefer not to link your credit/debit card account, please select a fixed monthly donation instead.

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