The Samburu Project

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The Samburu Project

About Charity

The Samburu Project was founded on the promise of delivering access to clean water as a catalyst for positive community development. Living in an arid area of Northern Kenya, the Samburu people have been greatly impacted by climate change. They live a pastoralist lifestyle according to tribal traditions. Women and girls walk up to 12 miles a day attempting to procure water. If they are lucky, the water they find is unclean, originating from gaping, hand-dug wells contaminated by wildlife and livestock. TSP is a grassroots organization, committed to working directly within the Samburu community to end this "walk for water." With access to clean water, water-bourne diseases are eradicated, children thrive, girls go to school, families grow their own food, and women empower themselves through small businesses. Water is Life! Since 2005, The Samburu Project has partnered with schools, health clinics and community groups to drill 126 wells, providing access to clean, uncontaminated water to over 100,000 people. Every year our goal is to drill 10 new wells and support partner communities with additional programs to lead healthier, more productive lives. TSP is a 501c3 organization and a recognized NGO in Kenya.

Charity Mission

The Samburu Project provides clean water as a catalyst for health and well being.

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