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The Pantry Plus More

About Charity

We have 12 in-school pantries: 6 elementary, 4 middle school and 2 high school pantries currently and more schools to come. We stock every other week and upon request with non-perishable foods, toiletry items including feminine hygiene, school supplies and clothing. To use a pantry, students let a teacher or counselor know they need to “shop” at the pantry. (All items are free.) Students help themselves to whatever they need privately and make their own choices, preserving their dignity. Students are allowed to take enough to share with siblings who do not have a pantry school or who are not yet in school and are encouraged to stock up for the days off and holidays. We provide fresh produce once a month. We serve 900-1200 students monthly. A Back to School Bash open to the entire county is held in August so kids can shop for a new backpack and all their school supplies and hygiene products including feminine hygiene and laundry detergent. The gym is filled with hair stylists and the cafeteria has clothing, Eye and dentals exams are provided. Library cards are printed. Fresh produce is available.

Charity Mission

Working to end hunger and more, one student at a time

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