The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain, Inc.

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The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain, Inc.

About Charity

TCAPP is a national non-profit committed to improving quality of life for children living with chronic pain from rare diseases. TCAPP was founded by families who are effected by chronic neuropathic pain disease. All of the founding families children suffer from RSD/CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/ Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and many suffer from multiple pain conditions, such as EDS (Hypermobility Syndrome), muscle spasms, migraines, abdominal migraines, and painful GI issues. When a child is affected with pain, it impacts the entire family. Living with illness is challenging on many levels, as pain and limitations can quickly overtake your life. A literal “insult to injury” is that pain is poorly misunderstood in adults, and VERY misunderstood in children. This results in a complex maze of navigating the medical system, the school system, and adds to the everyday struggles of growing up, even into early adulthood. We are committed to supporting and uniting families affected by pediatric pain, advocating for children in pain by increasing awareness of their needs, educating others about the long-term consequences of pediatric pain, funding research dedicated to pediatric pain conditions, and providing resources to families and medical professionals.

Charity Mission

Provide education, support and relief for pediatric pain.

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