The Bonobo Project

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The Bonobo Project

About Charity

The Bonobo Project is dedicated to educating as many people as possible about this unique and incredible great ape. As we humans are consuming everything in our paths, we have to preserve bonobos because they have a right to exist and also to understand more about ourselves, as they are our closest genetic relative (98.7% the same DNA as humans). Additionally, they happen to be more peaceful than chimpanzees between different groups, show empathy and the only great ape that is female-led. Our goal is to raise awareness and in turn fund bonobo conservation programs and influence change-makers in the Democratic Republic of Congo so that bonobos will always be free and fruitful in the wild jungles of the Congo Basin, the only place on earth where they exist.

Charity Mission

To elevate the status of endangered bonobos and coordinate activities to aid in their conservation.

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