SWAN: Scaling Walls a Note at a Time

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SWAN: Scaling Walls a Note at a Time

About Charity

SWAN empowers at-risk youth, through music training, to succeed, to serve their communities and to enrich their culture and ours. This innovative program engages children who become vulnerable to a host of difficulties due to parental incarceration. Research points to music as being highly effective in improving children's GPA's, school attendance and overall success. Private music lessons are provided. This one-on-one interactive time not only imparts skills to the child but sets the stage for a mentoring relationship. The students are placed in ensembles where they learn team skills and develop a positive group identity. As they perform for their communities, they learn to positively impact others with their gifts. Performing also develops their confidence and teaches them how to present themselves on stage and off. This program develops our students' discipline, self-control, perseverance, creativity, and resiliency. Learning to play an instrument or to sing also impacts the child's mental and emotional state in positive ways that bring healing and offer non-verbal ways to communicate some of their deepest longings and emotions.

Charity Mission

SWAN provides life-changing intervention for at-risk youth by providing music lessons, performance opportunities and mentoring.

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