Southside Christian Center

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Southside Christian Center

About Charity

We are a small church trying to get established in Meridian. We are strong supporters of Stanton Healthcare, a life affirming clinic. We are needing a building and have purchased land next to the Planned Parenthood (PP) in Meridian Idaho. We see this is an opportunity, not to picket or harass Planned Parenthood but to establish a center of love for women in a very difficult place in life. Stanton Healthcare is building on the other side of PP and we want to link arms with them providing meeting space and a church home for any women needing a loving, accepting environment to become all that God created them to be. We have a strong ministry of setting the captive free and offer a 'Freedom Weekend" to jump start this process several times a year. All donations will go toward our Building Fund.

Charity Mission

We exist to Discover, Declare & Demonstrate the Heart of God.

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