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About Charity

What makes Senior Village different from other organizations is that we focus only on serving the needs of our neighbors here in SaddleBrooke, and we receive funding solely from annual dues and supportive local donations. This dedication to taking care of our community has been especially evident during most of 2020 while we were restricted to limited contact due to COVID. Still, we kept active in the community by driving door-to-door to deliver over 400 masks to residents. At the earliest easing of restrictions, our masked volunteers were back in action to make sure members had transportation to important medical procedures, therapy sessions, prescription pick-ups and grocery shopping. To combat social isolation and its harmful mental and emotional effects, our Friendly Contact volunteers made welfare phone calls to single members over eighty years old. This one-on-one voice contact uplifted many spirits. Volunteers also arranged patio visits with members while masked and at a safe social distance. Senior Village is proud to be an “in-reach” organization dedicated to taking care of our neighbors, even in difficult times. Thanks to your continued support, we plan to grow and serve for decades to come.

Charity Mission

Provide simple non-medical services to residents of SaddleBrooke to help them live independently

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