Second Chance Pet Adoptions

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Second Chance Pet Adoptions

About Charity

Second Chance Pet Adoptions is the oldest no-kill animal rescue organization in the Triangle region of NC. Our mission is to champion homeless cats and dogs who are healthy or treatable in the quest to find their forever homes and engage with our community to promote responsible pet ownership–ultimately reducing future generations of homeless animals. We've save over 14,000 lives so far! Most of the animals we take in come from overcrowded county shelters; others are found by good samaritans on the streets, and some are surrendered after an owner fails to take care of their pet or is about to abandon them. Most of the animals we rescue are adopted locally, but some are sent to our partner rescues in MD and NJ, where there are more people looking to adopt than there are adoptable animals. For dogs, we place a special emphasis on rescuing heartworm-positive dogs and curing them of their heartworm disease. While all the cats and dogs that we take in are spayed/neutered before adoption, we also fund the spay/neuter surgeries for cats owned or cared for by members of the public. In 2019, we rescued 708 cats and dogs and spayed/neutered an additional 397 cats.

Charity Mission

We rescue stray and abandoned cats and dogs and find forever homes for them!

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