Science is Elementary

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Science is Elementary

About Charity

“Mind bloeing [sic] science” - SiE kindergartener Since 2008 Science is Elementary has empowered generations to better the world through science and scientific thinking. We transform elementary science education for everyone by teaching students, training teachers, and engaging the scientific community so that every child has access to exciting, high-quality science every day. Our multifaceted program serves over 15,000 underrepresented students annually, along with their teachers, families, and surrounding communities, from Oakland to Gilroy. We live our values: Science is Awesome, Science is for Everyone, Science is Everywhere. We engage students in fun hands-on experiments and science conversations, and teachers in meaningful professional learning that inspires them to teach more science in their classrooms. We recruit diverse and talented volunteers, staff, and board members, who reflect the communities we serve. We use everyday materials and support family science with SiE Books.

Charity Mission

Transforming elementary science education so that every child has access to high quality science everyday

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