Red Brick Center for the Arts

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Red Brick Center for the Arts

About Charity

Over our 40+ year history, we have evolved from a lobbying organization to a member-based promoter of the arts, to a management company and now to the full service arts education nonprofit you know today. Unlike any other arts organization in our area, we focus exclusively on local art and artists by providing exhibit opportunities along with education and hands-on creative experiences along with social opportunities surrounded by arts. The Red Brick is the heart of Aspen's art-centric feel, where we continue to create colorful community. All of our programs, scholarships, educational opportunities, and monthly gallery openings are funded entirely by individual donations, community giving and foundation grants. With a commitment to providing affordable and attainable options for artistic education and experiences to the whole community, our success lies in the financial contributions, volunteerism, and attendance of our supporters. We are a true local, grassroots organization.

Charity Mission

Building and strengthening community while creating an inspiring home for the arts.

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