Rancho Santa Fe Community Fund

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Rancho Santa Fe Community Fund

About Charity

The Rancho Santa Fe Community Fund is a collaboration between the 12 non-partisan and non-religious 501c3 non-profit organizations that reside within Rancho Santa Fe. These organizations have come together to raise funds without competition for the betterment of the Rancho Santa Fe Community. The goal of this program is to work together to help sustain these 12 vital non-profit organizations so that they can continue to grow and impact not only the thriving Rancho Santa Fe community, but San Diego County as a whole, through their continuous charitable outreach programs. This Fund is a way to reach out to a new group of donors that are statistically more likely to give electronically in small amounts than to contribute in traditional manners such as attending galas or writing large checks. This Fund is not intended to replace traditional means of fund raising, but rather to reach out to the next generation of members. These new donors will become the new members and directors of the future. Download the Coin Up App today, and join us in putting that spare change to work revitalizing our community.

Charity Mission

To encourage, promote, improve and sustain the RSF community through collaborative community fundraising.

Coin Up requires a link to your credit/debit card or checking account to enable "round up" of your transactions. If you prefer not to link your credit/debit card account, please select a fixed monthly donation instead.

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