PPS & FOCUS Group Ministries, Inc.

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PPS & FOCUS Group Ministries, Inc.

About Charity

FOCUS MINISTRIES 1) Inspires men and women inside the walls through faith-based programming and life-skills coaching. FOCUS hosts faith-based and life-skills courses in six county jails and three state prisons in East Tennessee. Each year over 1,000 men and women are impacted through these classes. 2) Empowers men and women outside the walls through residential community, intentional mentoring, workplace reintegration, and family reunification. Re-entry program students participate in a 9-month residential program designed for therapeutic community, strategic case management, healthy support/supervision, long-term recovery assistance, and multi-generational mentoring opportunities. Secondly, re-entry students are provided with a job. Students are encouraged to develop a strong work ethic and superb budget management. Successful students will go on to retain sustainable-wage employment beyond the one-year timeframe. Finally, all students are encouraged to reunite with families, make amends as necessary, and embrace parenting roles from a godly perspective.

Charity Mission

FOCUS fosters HOPE & a pathway for successful re-entry for the incarcerated of East TN

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