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About Charity

Positive-Strides.org is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to provide guidance and assistance to athletes who have suffered catastrophic or life changing sports-related injuries. Our focus is to provide mental, physical, and/or financial support to athletes who have suffered play ending injuries such as concussions, knee injuries etc. By providing services to help guide injured athletes in the right direction away from facing depression and addictions, Positive-Strides.org is making a difference in the lives of many athletes injured on or off the field. Funds raised go to support our injury prevention seminars to athletic organizations, youth organizations and parent groups and also to the following: •Provide a network of renowned orthopedic surgeons and sports psychologists •Assistance with medical questions, local appointments and preferred doctor referrals •Assistance with local and national financial assistance programs •Coordination of local Mentor and Protégé programs with like-minded volunteer athletes

Charity Mission

Provide guidance and assistance to injured youth athletes.

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