Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage

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Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage

About Charity

The Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage is located in Nakuru, Kenya. Like most of sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya has been ravaged by the HIV\AIDS epidemic. The 1.5 million children left orphaned feel the devastation of the disease most acutely. The Chege Orphanage is a haven for such children, giving them a safe and nurturing home, with loving caregivers, healthy food, clothing and medical care. We also provide each child with an education; a foundation for their future. We are initiating long distance learning via computers, for our orphaned children that will supplement current schooling practices, allowing them to learn from remarkable thinkers and achievers from across the globe. Our vision is to create global citizens, although living in rural Kenya, who can confidently compete in the global society of the future.

Charity Mission

To raise and empower girls to reach their potential and lead successful lives.

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