Paddle With Purpose

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Paddle With Purpose

About Charity

Paddle with Purpose (PWP) was organized exclusively for charitable purposes. Specifically, Paddle with Purpose is an organization that uses the sport of Paddling to raise funds and awareness for worthy causes through a variety of events. PWP also focuses on outreach to empower people through the sport of paddling. PWP is developing a template to assist other Paddlers in hosting their own fund-raising paddles utilizing tools provided by PWP. PWP has raised funds to benefit Boarding for Breast Cancer, Keep a Breast Foundation, and Thoracic Ascending Aortic Disease. PWP is presently planning activities to raise funds to begin outreach programs to take breast cancer patients and survivors Stand Up Paddling. PWP is also planning on using funds to target at-risk youth in order to take them out of their element.

Charity Mission

Raising funds and awareness for worthy causes through the sport of paddling.

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