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Outdoor Outreach

About Charity

Founded in 1999, Outdoor Outreach strengthens our communities by providing positive youth development and workforce development programs for young people ages 12 - 25 across San Diego County. Through two core programs, Outdoor Outreach uses the outdoors to address inequities and meet the critical needs of underserved and at-risk youth: OUT-OF-SCHOOL TIME PROGRAMS: Outdoor Outreach partners with Title I schools and youth-serving organizations to provide ongoing, adventure-based youth development programs during out-of-school time. Outdoor Outreach provides opportunities for young people to surf, climb, paddle and more, engaging them in meaningful activities that promote self-esteem and resilience. The sense of belonging, academic enrichment, and connection with peers and mentors these programs provide make kids more likely to go to school; less likely to engage in risky behavior; and can lead to positive career and civic engagement outcomes later in life. LEADERSHIP PROGRAM: Through education and job training, Outdoor Outreach creates pathways to self-sufficiency for young adults, including as paid instructors at Outdoor Outreach. The Leadership Program also provides civic engagement training that empowers participants as voices for change, culminating in 20+ opportunities each year to engage with key stakeholders around issues of equal access to the outdoors.

Charity Mission

To connect youth to the transformative power of the outdoors.

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