Orphan Kitten Project

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Orphan Kitten Project

About Charity

The Orphan Kitten Project is an entirely student-run rescue organization based out of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Our mission is to rescue at-risk kittens that are either too young to be taken into shelters (less than 8 weeks of age), or can't be taken into a shelter because of lack of space or resources. With the help of our fosters, we provide care and shelter to these kittens up until they are adopted. OKP covers all housing and medical costs for kittens in the program and every kitten is vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped prior to adoption. Through hands-on learning, our rescue also serves to educate veterinary students and our fosters how to provide quality care that fits the specialized needs of young kittens. We hope to continue expanding our network so we can maximize the amount of kittens we can save and educate our community about kitten care.

Charity Mission

Orphan Kitten Project serves to rescue young, at-risk kittens.

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