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Operation Rally Point

About Charity

At its most fundamental level, Operation Rally Point's goal is to augment the existing systems by which veterans transitioning to civilian life, or currently struggling in their present environment, are cared for. By streamlining the process from the military, all the way to a successful life outside the Armed Services, we aim to offer far greater care to those in our community who have sacrificed the most. In 2010, the national census determined 773,000 veterans lived in the state of Georgia. 216,000 of those veterans live in Atlanta according to the 2012 Metro Atlanta Veterans Service Report. That report found that among the veterans they interviewed, more than half had been homeless since separating from the armed services. The report identified a multitude of hindrances faced by the veteran community, and the data suggests that these issues affect our combat arms veterans disproportionately. The report also discovered that of the many nonprofit organizations that participated; less than one fifth of them provided services specifically for veterans. Without meaningful support from the public, and the available services failing to coordinate with one another, far too many veterans fall victim to the insurmountable adversity they're facing.

Charity Mission

Operation Rally Point assists at-risk, and homeless veterans transitioning back to civilian life.

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