NAMI Bucks County PA

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NAMI Bucks County PA

About Charity

We educate. Offered free of charge to anyone in Bucks County, our education programs ensure families, individuals, educators, and community leaders get the support and information they need. We advocate. NAMI shapes public policy and opportunities for people with mental illness and their families and provides volunteer leaders with the tools, resources and skills necessary to save mental health in Bucks County. We listen. Our toll-free NAMI HelpLine allows us to respond personally to thousands of requests each year, providing free information and support—a much-needed lifeline for many. We lead. Public awareness events and activities, including Mental Health Awareness Month and the Stride for Mental Health Awareness, successfully fight stigma and encourage understanding. NAMI works with the media and local officials to make sure our county understands how important mental health is.

Charity Mission

We are dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by mental illness.

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