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About Charity

Musicopia was founded by a string quartet in 1974 to address the cutbacks in music education that were beginning to occur within the public school system. More than forty years later, this problem has worsened and has affected public, charter and parochial schools, in city, suburban and rural districts. With an emphasis on reaching students who are underserved and cut off from the region’s rich cultural life, Musicopia is a leader in rebuilding and revitalizing school music programs. Working with a roster of nearly 100 professional ensembles and solo musicians of the highest caliber, Musicopia brings interactive music education and performance opportunities to thousands of students in Pre-K through 12th grade annually. Musicopia’s programs represent diverse musical styles and traditions from around the world including classical, jazz, Latin, African, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, opera, hip hop, rock/pop and others. In addition to Musicopia’s in-school assembly, residency, and FAME programs, the organization has established long-term, out-of-school performance and study opportunities through its Musicopia String Orchestra and its Musicopia Drumlines. Musicopia also runs the very successful Gift of Music instrument donation program.

Charity Mission

Musicopia's mission is to provide opportunities for children to experience, learn, perform, and appreciate music.

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