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Mitchell Thorp Foundation

About Charity

Our three programs are: Medical and Home Assistance o Provides financial support for required medical treatments and medical equipment that are not covered by insurance. o Transportation Services: Provide funding for air or other transportation. Gas Cards and hotel stays o Home Assistance helps keep a roof overhead, food on the table and the lights on. Healing & Rehabilitation o Physical Therapy Services beyond treatment o Counseling Services for effected child and family o Sibling Support- School tutors, and camps for the effected child and siblings. Wheelchair Conversion Vans o Assist families purchase wheelchair accessible vehicles and or conversions affording them the freedom to enjoy their time together for as long as that may be. o A handicap accessible mobility van is a necessity, not a luxury to transport their child safely. Families must apply for assistance, & attach a coy of last year tax returns, a home or hospital visit is made to meet the child and family to make final assessments, we then proceed for Board Approval. MTF distributes funds directly to each vendor as families submit invoices to the foundation for payment. This ensures that the funds are used as intended to help the child and family in need.

Charity Mission

Supporting families whose children suffer from life-threatening illnesses, diseases and disorders, by providing financial, emotional and resource support to their desperate situation.

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