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Miqlat, Inc

About Charity

Miqlat’s work in Malawi began with one basic premise: respond to the Gospel imperative to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, tend the sick, and care for the fatherless. By building relationships between churches and individuals in the U.S. and Malawi, Miqlat meets Malawi’s challenges head on, supplementing the needs of the most vulnerable children in two of Malawi’s southern rural districts through child sponsorship, community projects, short-term mission trips, and improved elementary school education. Our work has grown from the base-line imperative as God has given us opportunities to do more than meet the need to survive. Now we feel the challenge: we're living in the Kingdom; what does it mean to build lives that THRIVE?

Charity Mission

Raising a transformed Malawi, one child at a time through nutrition, education and Jesus' love.

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