Milestone House

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Milestone House

About Charity

At Milestone House we believe that our innovative program of education and counseling can truly transform lives. Our girls are cared for and supervised round the clock by a staff of highly trained childcare workers, who offer therapeutic interactions and interventions that provide counseling and education. As part of our independent living skills based program, our childcare workers teach our girls how to cook, clean, and take care of their personal space and hygiene. Milestone's program social worker provides case management and oversight of the treatment team. Our program manager is very attentive to our girls’ varied needs and ensures that our home is well appointed and comfortable and that our girls’ needs are being met at all times. We also offer two additional programs to help foster children and youth. Our Fostering Music Program brings music, musical instruments, and music lessons to foster children who are the least likely of all children to learn a musical instrument. Fostering Adulthood works with former foster youth who are making the difficult transition to adulthood as they exit the foster care system. Our program offers job training, job practicum, and a mentor.

Charity Mission

We offer quality residential programs designed to prepare at-risk girls for independent and productive living.

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