Let It Flow

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Let It Flow

About Charity

Let It Flow was founded by Kelle Huston and her son, Nyjah Huston. Inspired by their own experience of living without clean, running water, Kelle and Nyjah are now are in a place to be able to provide water solutions for people that are living without access to clean water. Let It Flow works tirelessly to repair existing wells and train locals to do the same. We provide them with the tools and the know how to do it by themselves. We also provide high quality water filters where wells are repaired. With all of Nyjah's success in skateboarding, Let It Flow has been able to shine a lot of light on the world water crisis. We have completed projects in a wide range of countries such as Haiti, Ethiopia, Philippines, Kenya, Chad, and India.

Charity Mission

Providing clean drinking water to those who need it by repairing water hand pumps.

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