Kristin's Fund

Kristin's Fund

Promoting domestic violence prevention through increased awareness and educational initiatives. According to the Division of Criminal Justice Services "Domestic Homicide in New York State 2013" report; Herkimer County had two domestic-related homicides while Oneida County had an astounding count of 12 domestic homicide victims from 2009-2013. These figures include both intimate partner and other family-member related incidents. One life is too many. We know that early education and prevention is key. Key Initiatives for Kristin's Fund include: Provide a sustainable funding source for prevention education. And then, invest in a Media Campaign to increase awareness about: •What constitutes abuse (texting, stalking, etc.) •What to do if you are in an abusive relationship •The programs that exist to help •Begin and sustain a social media campaign so that we are effectively reaching a younger audience through their primary source of communication •Establish a 'Men's No Excuse for Abuse' Initiative •Update brochures and other outreach materials Our ultimate goal is to develop a pilot, healthy-relationships curriculum adopted by schools, and youth organizations nationwide.


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