Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful

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Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful

About Charity

Our Vision for Success Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful will be successful when individuals are active stewards for sustainable community activities. Our Values Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful’s board of directors, staff and volunteers will respectfully fulfill our mission and enthusiastically realize our vision through a commitment to: • Innovation – promoting and implementing creative and effective services • Diversity – fostering inclusion, collaboration and equal opportunity • Education – teaching the principles and value of sustainability, and environmental stewardship • Accountability – accepting personal responsibility for results • Leadership – working for the common good Our Goals To help communities improve their economic, environmental and social well-being, Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful will initiate, collaborate, and promote programs in partnership with its communities that address: • neighborhood cleanup and beautification • waste reduction, reuse, and recycling • children’s environmental education • environmental forums • renewable and efficient energy use • resource conservation

Charity Mission

To promote sustainability through clean, healthy, and beautiful communities for generations to come.

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